Acquisition Case Study

Missile Defense Agency


  • The Aegis BMD Program Office required expertise with the  development of a sustainment and supportability approach for the Aegis BMD mission-specific capability over the life of the Acquisition Element, as well as creating all associated life-cycle management supporting documentation.
  • Processes and organizational construct were required to execute the responsibility for MDA's Aegis BMD weapon system, SM-3 guided missiles and Aegis Ashore sites required to support the new mission.


  • The Mobius team collected best practices and detailed input from multiple DoD operations and sustainment-focused communities.  The team then conducted a comprehensive analysis of the information and developed the scope of responsibilities for sustaining the capability for the life of the MDA element. Based on functional requirements our team conducted a Job Task Analysis which identified the functional reorganization necessary to execute their responsibilities. The team then leveraged existing MDA and Navy processes where applicable to ensure optimization of limited resources.
  • Mapping the requirements to Program Office functional structure, our team prepared materials in support of MDA Personnel Management Boards that authorized the critical-fill government billets. The Mobius team also developed Performance Work Statement modifications for additional contract support, and recommendations for execution of equipment improvement, re-certification, maintenance, part replenishment, and storage/disposal requirements.
  • The Team developed Aegis readiness plans, provided technical solution analyses for equipment modification, supply support trends, and maintenance plan changes, and collected and analyzed Fleet material availability (MA) and performance metrics.
  • Our team developed capstone documentation, gaining concurrence across multiple external DoD organizations shaping strategic guidance and processes for execution of this new responsibility. The Aegis BMD Program Executive’s Life-Cycle Management Plan defines internal and external organizational relationships, specifying acceptance criteria for transitioning a capability following successful operational testing and In-Service Transition Review, and provides sustainment metrics for measurements of success. The Aegis BMD Life-Cycle Management Memorandum of Agreement outlines specific sustainment responsibilities and processes, and clarifies previous language from overarching MDA and DoD guidance.


The Mobius Team was nominated for an MDA Team Policy award for these efforts.
— Kyle Kramer, VP of Space and Missile Systems
  • The team's innovative strategies resulted in aligned MDA life-cycle management with DoD’s vision for element sustainment, and unique methods (such as the Aegis BMD Quality Assurance Program and BMD Capability Assessment Process) for direct and immediate warfighter feedback incorporation into the system engineering process for in-service systems. All providing for better identification of sustainment cost efficiencies across the life of the program.
  • Outcomes improved overall system readiness, potential capability upgrades, and opportunities for improving warfighter responsiveness. 
  • Resulted in an executable sustainment acquisition strategy, comprehensive Statements of Work and PBR-15 budget submissions that focused on planning and allocation of resources to support MDA life-cycle management execution.
  • Maximized Fleet BMD readiness and improve processes for all Aegis BMD in-service systems.