Mobius provides top quality program management services that support all phases of a traditional Program Planning, Budgeting, and Execution lifecycle. Our program managers have successfully managed several $10M - $350M dollar programs that led to the deployment of demonstration and operational hardware and software.  We are dedicated to efficient task management from inception to implementation. Our team has years of experience managing large cross-functional teams that efficiently and effectively deliver warfighter capability. Our workforce also participates in a comprehensive training program, some of whom are Program Management Professional (PMP) certified.  This ensures all of our PMs remain informed and up to date on the best lessons learned and best-practice methodologies. Our work ethic is second only to our commitment to excellence in all aspects of the program management process

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We believe the key to being an effective integrator is continuous evaluation and implementation of lessons learned inside and across the breadth of programs we support. Our objective is to balance system performance, cost, schedule, and risk, using our unique approach to Program Management. Our approach achieves these objectives and includes:

  • Conducting independent evaluations of processes and procedures in the areas of risk, configuration management, reliability, availability, maintainability, performance assessment and verification, hardware and software quality assurance, and safety
  • Providing systems engineering direction and leadership for program requirements development, management, and integration
  • Implementing and managing the Reliability, Maintenance, and Availability Programs
  • Conducting upfront design requirements analysis to define data collection, reporting, testing, and in-service metrics required to measure program characteristics across the lifecycle of current and future capabilities
  • Determine the appropriate development and application of Modeling and Simulation (M&S) tools and lessons learned in support of system design, trade-off analysis, war-gaming, and performance verification at the element level
  • Provide detailed configuration control processes, cost analysis, and program performance assessments, ensuring compatibility with requirements development and program milestone reviews
  • Documentation and implementation of lessons learned