Systems engineering is a holistic evaluation of the design and implementation decision making across the lifecycle of a program.  We deliver products and expertise that span all aspects of the Systems Engineering ā€œVā€, including concept definition, requirements definition, test planning, and system logistics/disposal. We bring a team with extensive experience implementing best practices and proven processes that result in increased system effectiveness while still meeting critical program schedule milestones and budgets.

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Systems engineering must be viewed conducted across an enterprise and assess results with an appropriate level of fidelity.  We start by ensuring that the architecture is aligned to the system needs, we also evaluate the metrics we are using to judge effectiveness.  It is critical to focus on cyclic evaluation and implementation of lessons learned.

  • Establish the right trade studies by asking the right questions and understanding what is sufficient to meet the needs
  • Perform analysis at an appropriate level of fidelity, detailed when the leverage is high, medium when the leverage is low, low when the intent is to screen for leverage points
  • Establish documented plans and assumptions so that analysis results are delivered on expected timelines with known constraints
  • Implement configuration control and risk assessment processes to deliver consistent products
  • Perform cyclic review of program progress and engage senior leadership periodically to ensure expectations are being met and outcomes are understood