A critical aspect of any development program is a comprehensive Test and Evaluation (T&E) campaign.  The systems engineering team must have an expert knowledge of the system to ensure the design of experiments integrates with the overall system Verification and Validation and Assessment (VV&A) plan.  T&E must be planned to appropriately demonstrate capabilities in a “test like you fly” environment while also making sure that you allocate verification to the appropriate venue Test, Analysis, Demonstration, or Inspection (TADI).   

Our Approach

T&E is a critical step in system acceptance and turnover to its user, effective planning and execution are a critical phase in a program.  Mobius employs a methodical approach to T&E, first developing a TADI matrix that allocates each system function and requirement to a test venue.  Next we determine the objectives for testing and group demonstrations objectives into groups.  Then we work with test venues to create a design of experiments and test plan that can accomplish the desired objectives using existing or customized test equipment.  Lastly we ensure that post test reports and analysis are defined in such a way to make recognition of achievement a straight-forward assessment. 

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